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2BR Cartagena Houses - Casa Tatiz


2 Bedrooms
Capacity for 5 People
2 Bathrooms

Air conditioned rooms with ceiling fans for fresher days and nights.    

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A hammock next to the outdoor garden and living room is another option to rest in this historic colonial house.   Well decorated living room and studio in Casa Tatiz.

2 Floors & Terrace
Large Living Room
Dining Room
Ceiling Fans & Air Conditioning
Flat Screen Cable TV & Telephone
Garden Area
Kitchen with Microwave, Refrigerator and More...


Cartagena Historical Center
Cartagena is a small city located on the Caribbean Sea in the north of Colombia. Known for its amazing beaches, this famous Caribbean city is filled with cobble stone streets, remarkable colonial homes, and the even-more famous 400-year old fortress, San Felipe Castle.


Luxury Rentals in the Cartagena Historical Center
When coming to Colombia make sure you stay in one of our colonial houses in the Cartagena historical center. There will you will have access to all the best that Cartagena has to offer, including fine restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cultural events and of course, the inviting waters of the Caribbean.

Nice view from the terrace surrounded by plants and trees.   Outdoor sculptures in the garden give the house a historic touch.

Casa Tatiz
Casa Tatiz is just one of multiple colonial homes for rent in the Cartagena historical center. Like most of our colonial rentals, this elegant abode is more than 300 years old but has been restored to make sure you not only have the trip of a lifetime but also to ensure you want to live there for an eternity! This 2 bedroom house, like all our colonial homes, is quite big and it is also suitable for groups.

Colonial Aged Decoration
Casa Tatiz is one of the homes where the decoration of the house, walls and sculptures have been preserved for your delight. As with most of the colonial homes in the Cartagena historical center, a water fountain in the garden area will make your morning or evenings more pleasant, as you can have an outdoor tranquil breakfast or a romantic dinner surrounded by nature.

Caribbean-style painted walls in our colonial house in the Cartagena historical center.   Casa Tatiz has large rooms with colonial decoration.

Great Service & Extra Services
Casa Tatiz is no different than our other colonial houses for rent in the Cartagena historical center when it comes to providing our guests with superb customer service and additional services. Whatever you may need we have your solution, whether it is transportation, tourism, translators, and more importantly, health matters. Please contact us for more information!

  Well preserved facade of Casa Tatiz in the Cartagena historical center.